The impression of the tragedy in Christmas Eve makes Aya say weird
things in the interview with the press. But then she hears about Hans
Klamp - a Mitochondria researcher, working at Museum of Natural History
who might know something about what she needs. But it seems this guy
doesn't want to tell her more necessary things than the fairly
unimportant basics. He is not just an ordinary researcher in this
As Melissa's diary, this mysterious actress has another show at the
concert in Central Park - where Daniel's family is watching. Daniel is
feared and then immediately he goes to the Central Park with his partner
Aya Brea. But as we know, ordinary people are all ignited in Eve's
cycle, and Aya is the only exception. Then Aya must be the people who
has to do everything with Eve by herself, even for Daniel...
... ...
Daniel : Hey, you OK ? You ought be resting.

Aya : Wish I could, but I'm the only one who knows what happened last

Daniel : I've been gathering some info on Melissa. She's got no
relatives and no close friends. She was sick often-always on some kind
of medication. The people at the opera said they were amazed she could
even stand on stage. Her apartment burned down right after the incident,
so we have no info on her medication.

Nix : So what's this spontaneous combustion stuff all about ?

Aya : It wasn't exactly spontaneous. People were actually set on fire.

Warner : Oh, come on ! What, like one of those ESP things ?

Aya : That's the best way to describe it for now.

Warner : ESP, huh ? Well I'm not buying it.

Nix : But if you're right, how are we supposed to deal with something
like that ?

Daniel : I believe her. After all, Aya's the only witness so far. But
if you're gonna take on a suspect like that, you'd better ask Baker for
a better sidearm.

Aya goes to see Baker.

Baker : I read your report...Still hard to believe, but we can't deny
all those deaths. We're going to go all out to solve this case. Make
sure you're well equiped. Go down to the weapons department and give
this permit to Torres. He'll help you out. (Baker gives her the Mod

Aya goes down to Weapon Department which is under care of Torres Owens
and Wayne Garcia.

Wayne : Heeey there, good-looking !

Aya : Cut the crap, Wayne. Where's Torres ?

Wayne : That baldy ? Who knows. So what'll it be... Shotgun ? Rocket
Launcher ?

Torres : WAYNE ! (Torres is slowly coming...)

Wayne : Y, yes, sir !

Torres : Idiots like you are the reason why guns won't disappear from
this country ! Get your ass back to weapons storage ! You're far from
ready to be handling guns in here.

Wayne : OK, OK... Sheesh... (Wayne comes out...)

Aya : Torres, I need some equipment...

Torres : For last night's case ? Heard it was quite a mess. But as
long as cops rely on guns, criminals will too. It's a vicious cycle. I
hate to hand a weapon to a young cop like you... But I hear this isn't
your ordinary crook. Guess I can't send you off empty-handed.

Torres finds a gun and then gives it to Aya...

Torres : Here... This is the most powerful gun I can allow you to
have. (He hands her the M16A1) The captain Baker already notified me.
Show me your modification permit again.

(If you gives him the Mod Permit...)

Torres : Which gun ?

(Choose the weapon you wish to modify...)

Torres : All right... Just wait here.

(When he finishes his modification...)

Torres : All set. But just remember, "Cops own guns for protection.
Don't let the guns own you !".

Wayne : Psst ! Don't tell Torres, but you can use your "Tool" to tune
up your guns ! You can rearrange equipment parameters and added effects
to tweak your equipment. I can show ya some cool tune-up techniques !
(You can find this part in "Tutorial" menu of the game).

Wayne : You got it ? Trust me, you can never have too much firepower.
Of course, can't use them without bullets, so you better make sure you
always have your club. Just in case, ya know ? Now, why don't you leave
the stuff you don't need with me ? (Wayne will do anything for you in
his service, you can know this is my FAQ/Walkthrough at Gamefaqs site).

When returning to meet Baker, Aya sees Ben-Daniel's son on her way.

Aya : Hey there. You lost ?

Ben :...Ahh

Daniel : Ben !?

Ben : Daddy !

Aya : So this is Ben.

Daniel : Ben, this is Aya. Now, what are you doing here ?

Ben : Here...(The child gets something from his pocket.)

Daniel : Tickets ? Oh...yeah. The concert... Sorry son, daddy's really
busy today. I promise I'll make up for...

Ben : FINE !

Daniel : Ben !

Ben runs away...

Daniel : Guess every kid needs a mother...

Aya : That's not true ! I was raised by my father too, after my mother
died. I'll always be grateful for him.

Daniel : Yeah, well, his mother's still alive...

Aya must come back to see Baker now.

Aya : Sir.

... ...

Aya : You were looking for me ?

Baker : Yes. We're having a press conference now, and I want you there

Aya : Me ?

Baker : That's right. You'll be on national television as the sole
survivor of that incident.

Aya : I see.

Baker : But you only answer when I ask you. The media is just looking
for anything to grill us about. They may even turn you into a suspect.
So you let me do the talking. Understood ?

Aya : Yes, sir...

Baker : OK then... Let's go meet the press.

The meeting is held in the small hall.

Reporter : So you are saying this could be the work of a terrorist ?

Baker : That is what we currently speculate.

Reporter : How about accounts of officers and firemen at the scene
bursting into flames ?

Aya : That was...

Baker : That was due to a rare, highly flammable chemicals which was
used to start the fire.

Reporter : Another question. Then how did Detective Brea survive
without so much as a minor burn ?

Baker : This is a result of her quick thinking and training as an

Reporter : I'm asking her the question !

Baker : She...

Aya : She said that my mitochondria were a mutation.

Baker : Aya !

Reporter : Your...mitochondria ? Who said this ?

Aya : Melissa...No, she was Eve. But according to a reportm Melissa
Pearce was killed in the fire ! Melissa did die. Her body had been taken
over by this...Eve.

Reporter : What's this Eve !? Some kind of an alien !?

Baker : People, please ! She is very tired, and we are still
investigating... That will be all for today.

Baker asks the cops to calm down the reporter. Then he takes Aya back
to the main office :

Baker : Aya, I thought I told you not to say anything.

Aya : I'm telling the truth, sir.

Baker shouts angrily, striking the desk : That's not the point ! Who's
going to believe you !? You'll only stir up the media and cause people
to panic !

Daniel : Sir, she was only...

Then someone is calling on the phone. Baker answers.

Baker : Baker here...Who ?...What does he want ? Well, put him through
then. This is captain Baker...What ? Meet ?...You'll have to speak up ?
Yes,...what ? Yes, All right.

Baker holds off the phone : Some Japanese scientist, I think. Couldn't
understand his English too well. He was raving about some mito-
something... Says he's coming over here.

Daniel : Might-o ?

Aya : Is it mitochondria ?

Nix : You mean the thing in the cell that makes energy from oxygen ?

Daniel : Might have heard about that in school.

Aya : That's what Eve had said... That's it's time for the
mitochondria to be set free...

Nix :

Daniel : Sir, I'm taking Aya to go talk to the researcher.

Baker : Go. Better get there before the media. It may explain that
phone call too.

Daniel : Yes, sir. C'mon, Aya.

Daniel and Aya together gets to the Museum of Natural History where
Hans Klamp - the researcher they mentioned is working. They want to ask
him what he knows about the mitochondria. But over this trip, Daniel and
Aya seem to realize something : Hans Klamp is not just an ordinary
researcher in this incident.


Finally Aya has found Melissa - Eve in the concert. But it seems now
she can do nothing on her...

Eve : The holiday season brings joy to us all...and this Christmas Eve
will be the most special for all.


Eve : Special because I will no longer be under the control of a host,
as I have since the dawn of time. Humans are weak-mitochondria can self
evolve. Mitochondria must now take over the nucleus.

Then Eve continues her terrible magical melody, turning all the
audience into a giant mass of energy slime. One of those is Lorraine -
Daniel's wife and also Ben's mother. But...Ben's not there. Aya is
standing there too, can do nothing...

Aya : I have to get backstage to stop her.

Maya re-appears again and leads Aya through the back door. She obtains
Eve :

Aya : Why ? Why are you doing this ?

Eve : You again. But you are too late. You will not ruin my plans as
you did last night.

Aya : Stop !

Eve disappears in the sight.
But now, Maya is still there. She leads Aya through the park forest
where a lot of danger are waiting for the young cop. Just a haunted
place !

Eventually Aya finds Eve at the end of the trip. The female monster
seems weird.

Eve : Your genes are stronger tha I thought. Come my dear, let's go
for a ride. Hahaha !

Aya accepts her challenge. Eve burns the horse to make it pull the
wheels and run like hell. What a mysterious power ! Then she looks at
Aya. The next battle between the young cop and the mitochondria begins.

Eve : Why ? Why be on humans side ?

Aya : Why not ? I'm a human.

Eve : Why are you going with them and not me ?

Aya : What ?...

Eve : It seems you still don't know who I am. Well, if you don't know,
your mitochondria will... That's why you were drawn to the opera.

Aya : What are you talking about ?

Eve : Here, let me explain...directly...

Aya : Stop it !!!

Eve : If we join forces, all the other mitochondria will...

Aya : S...stop !

Eve coldly leaves the trailer in confusion. Aya loses her
consciousness after the collision. She again dreams of her mysterious

Daniel : Aya ! Aya ! Answer me !

Daniel is waiting for Aya near the Central Park entrance. He worries
about her and his family : Lorraine and Ben. But at that moment, his
small child runs to the father that surprises him. So Ben has
unintentionally escaped from Eve's plan.

Ben : Daddy !

Daniel : Ben...! Weren't you to the concert ?

Ben :...I came here with mom, but she...she was all weird...

Daniel : What do you mean, Ben ?

Ben : I came with mom so the three of us could be together.

Daniel : So that's why you came to get me...

Ben : Mom went to the stage but... she freaked out...

Daniel : What do you mean ? Mom freaked out...

Ben : I got near the stage and I started to feel sick. I wanted to go
home... Mom wasn't herself, dad... She left and everyone else went

Daniel : Lorraine...

At the meantime, the situation in NYPD 17th Precinct is not better.

Baker : Casualities were much worse this time. We can not put the
lives of citizens in jeopardy any longer. We have orders to evacuate all
citizens out of Manhattan. Fortunately, most people are out of the city
for Christmas.

Warner : What do we do, sir ?

Baker : We will stay and assist in neutralizing Eve.

Nix : Shouldn't we leave it to the army ?

Baker : We're the ones that are supposed to be protecting the city !

At that time, Daniel runs in in a hurry. Aya has been lost.

Daniel : Any word from Aya ?

Everyone in the office couldn't do nothing either.

Daniel : Dammit, where could she be !

Baker : Daniel, I need you to help evacuate the citizens.

Daniel : She's our only hope against this thing now. I'm going to look
for her !

After saying that sentence, Daniel as soon as runs out to do what he
need to do.

Nix : Shouldn't we stop him, sir ?

Baker : He's lost Lorraine... He'll find Aya. You two help with the

Daniel sees his son again. Ben is being with Cathy.

Ben : Daddy !

Daniel : Ben, I'm sorry... I have to go find Aya.

Ben : Where'd she go ?

Daniel : I dunno, but she's the only one that can fight the thing that
hurt your mommy.

Poor child ! Ben is still to small to understand the situation.

Daniel asks Cathy : Cath, look after the kid, will you ?

Cathy : I will, don't worry.

Ben : Daddy...!

Cathy : C'mon, sport. You like dogs ? I'll introduce you to the best
police dog in town.

Then she takes Ben to the dog's cage and asks the guard to give it up.

Cathy : Can I show this boy the dog ?

Cop : Sure, let me open the fence.

Then the cop rotates to the dog : Hey, you got a visitor !

Cathy : This is Sheeva.

The dog is given up, licking Ben's hand. The child seems to like it.

Cop : Hey, I think she likes you !

Ben : Heh, heh...Hey, that tickles !

... ...

Meanwhile, the evacuation is being executed. The town becomes a mess
of confusion with the sounds of vehicle collisions and raid. Many
dangerous streets are blockaded. There's a passanger who want to pass
the off-limited area. The cops stop him :

Cop A : How many times do I gotta tell you ! We're blocked this off !
You won't even find a cat on this street.

Japanese man : I told you, I've already contacted the police about
this matter !

Cop A : What ?

Japanese man :...Er...uh... I'm not getting anywhere with my

Cop B : Hey, you Chinese ?

Japanese man : No ! I'm Japanese !

Cop B : Nanda, nihonjin desuka ?

Japanese man : Oh, yes ! Can you speak Japanese ?

Cop B : Chotto dake ne. Daredesuka ?

Japanese man : I am Kunihiko Maeda.

Cop A : Hey, if you can't speak the language, go back to your country
! Heh...he...!! (What a rogue guy !)

But something is happening to him...

Cop A : U ! Argh !

Cop C : Calm down. Take it easy, man. It's bad for your heart.

Cop A : Uu ! Argh ! I'm getting... I'm... I' ! Help !!!

The cop is burned at once after his last cry.

Maeda : I guess it's not now or never...

Then the passenger named Maeda runs past the blockade when the cops
don't pay attention to him.

Maeda : Spontaneous human combustion. I believe that's correct...

But let's return to our heroine. Where is Aya ? She is dreaming of the
hospital again...

Aya : ...? Where...? Hospital...?

Then...she wakes up in Maeda's apartment.

Maeda : Oh...! You're finally awake !

Aya : Who are you ?

Maeda : I'm...Kunihiko Maeda. I'm a scientist from Japan.

Some voice sounds : He found you... It's Daniel coming in.

Aya : Daniel !

Daniel : There's no one out there but cops... It's a ghost town. Never
seen anything like it. Pretty creepy, if you ask me...

Aya : Where's Eve ?! What happened to the people in Central Park ?

Daniel : Ben was okay...but... The rest of the audience... Well, they
just... disappeared.

Aya :...

Maeda : Disappeared ? You mean they weren't ignited ?

Aya seems hurt to say the next sentence.

Aya : They all melted into slime... and became... one big mass...

Daniel :...

Maeda : That's something new... Nothing like that happened in Japan.

Aya : Japan ?

Maeda : A similar incident occurred several years ago in Japan.
Although it wasn't as grandious in scale as this one.

Aya : What ?!

Daniel : Hey ! Give us the details !

Maeda : It's all started when a scientist's wife was involved in a car
accident. The scientist tried to culture her liver cells in order to
keep her alive. The scientist named those cells...Eve...

Aya : Eve ?!

Maeda : The liver cells multipled and her mitochondria eventually took
over her physical body.

Aya :...!

Maeda : After acquiring the scientist's sperm, Eve tried to give birth
to an ultimate being.

Aya : Ultimate Being...? What kind of "being"...?

Maeda : "She", the being who mutated from the liver cells, couldn't
maintain her body for long. By the way, before the car accident
occurred, the wife had registered to have her organs donated.

Maeda : So after the accident, her kidneys were transplanted into a
young girl... And Eve implanted a fertilized egg in the young girl who
gave birth Ultimate Being. I was extremely interested in this
and went to his lab so that I could continue research.

Then Maeda rotates towards Aya.

Maeda : After hearing about this incident, I had to fly over here.

Daniel : What the hell is going on here ?

Maeda : I wish I could explain more.

Something's wrong with Aya. She is suddenly quiet like something is
blocking her heart.

Daniel :...Aya, are you okay ?

Aya startles.

Aya : Yeah... I'm fine...

Daniel : I thought that monster had got a hold of you ! Thought it was
too late...

The young cop becomes shy and silly. She feels a gentle pain.

Aya : When I felt Eve... Something inside of me felt like it was

Maeda : You felt you were about to be ignited, correct ?

Daniel : No, she's... Well, she's the only one that isn't affected.

Maeda : What ?!

The Japanese scientist seems to be thinking...

Maeda : I.. I...don't understand.

Aya : I... I think I may be a her !

She begans to worry everyone after hiding the giant impression in her
heart from the incident.

Daniel : What ?! What are you saying, Aya ?!

Aya : I don't know. What if... What if I end up by killing you ?!

Daniel tries to comfort her with his way : Aw, shut up ! You know
that's not...

Aya again is being confused.

Aya : Please, Daniel ! I don't know ! I just don't know anymore !
Please go away from me !

Daniel : Aya...

Aya : Please...

Maeda has a little understood what she is thinking.

Maeda : Yes, I understand your point.

Then he gets out of the room and closes the door.

Daniel : Hey ! Where do you think you're going ?!

Aya : Even if I am a monster, I don't ever want to kill you,
Daniel...please...! I...I could never forgive myself if I

Daniel : Aya... You're no monster.

He comes to Aya, trying to encourage her.

Daniel : You're my best partner, Aya Brea ! I'll be your side...
always, Aya...

Then he slowly goes out, leaving alone. What is Aya thinking now ?

Aya :...When I touched Eve... That feeling... Was it Maya ? But Maya
died in the car crash with mom... No, it just couldn't be...!