Aya meets Kunihiko Maeda - a Japanese scientist who is also finding
out about Mitochondria because of a similar accident in Japan. He
might know more clues about the mitochondria and its origin. About
Aya, the fight with Eve made her think a lot. She feels that she can
ba a monster as the same kind of Eve. But Daniel says he's always at
her side.
The three of them get back to Museum of Natural History wishing to
find what they want. Here Maeda can do some experiment to determine
Eve and Aya's cells. But then, Hans Klamp comes that make them
astonished because he is thought to have evacuate. Then Daniel sees a
strange HLA list in his computer screen including his son and wife's
names. A riot will happen if Maeda and Aya don't disturb. So what's
the sort of person Hans Klamp is ?
It's not over yet...

... ...
At Soho building-Maeda's apartment, Aya is going to go out. It seems
that she has felt better from the incident last night.

Oh no, Kunihiko Maeda, he is sleeping just in front of the apartment
like a homeless. Poor guy !

Maeda :...That was a long night...! Sleep well ?

Aya : You were here all night ?! I told to go away ! You couldn have
died, you know !

Maeda : Scientist can't believe anything without proof. It's... It's
just one of those things. And besides...

Then he begins to be thinking...

Aya : What...

Maeda : Oh, nothing... (What has he just intended to say ?)

A car stops at them.

Aya : Daniel ?!

The big man gets off the vehicle.

Daniel : No traffic ! This is the way it oughta be around here !

Aya : Daniel...

Daniel : So, what're we sitting around for ?! We've got work to do !

Aya : Daniel... thanks...

Daniel : All right ! We're gonna need some bigger weapons. There's a
gun shop over there. Let's stock up.

Three of them have a walk to the Sams gun shop. No one is here after
the evacuation. How wonderful ! But...

Aya : It's locked.

Daniel : Outta the way, Aya.

Aya : Daniel, no...

Daniel : Sorry, but it's the only way.

Then he naturally holds his gun and "Bang !!!". The glass doors are

Maeda : Are... are you really a cop ?

Aya : We think so. But we don't have scientific proof, if that's what
you are asking. (So cops also have their own sense of humour).

Then they check the weapon shop for some better equipment.

After that, the next is a pharmacy.

Aya : The door's broken...

When they have finished everything, they get out of Soho.

Daniel : Road rules don't apply here anymore. We can take the shortest
route through Manhattan !

On the way through the town, the three Aya, Maeda and Daniel talk
about what they will do next.

Daniel drives the car : So, where to ?

Maeda : Is there any place with a research facility ?

Daniel : Research facility ?

Maeda : I'd like to conduct an experiment...and test something. It
might be relevant.

Aya : How about the facility in the Museum where Klamp is at ? They
had really extensive equipment there.

Daniel : No way, man. Anywhere but there !

Aya : He should have been evacuated by now... it should be okay.

Maeda : Err... yes... That sounds good. Daniel, is that okay ?

Daniel :...I'm expecting a big tip for this !

In front of the American Museum of Natural History...

Maeda : So this is the American Museum of Natural History !
It's...just as I imagined...! I can find a research facility in this
building ?

Daniel : Yeah. Hopefully, we won't run into the jerk who runs it.
Since he's been evacuated, it should be empty...

They get to Klamp's laboratory.

Maeda : Hmm...for a lab in a museum, it does have fairly extensive

Daniel : So, what do you wanna test ?

Maeda : Yes, yes... Of course... Let me see... I was able to extract a
gel-like substance from Aya's clothing.

Aya : Gel...? Is it from Eve ?

Maeda : Yes... It appears to be a remnant of Eve's cells... Al the
cellular level, her power cannot be as strong as Aya said previously.

Maeda goes aside...

Maeda : Ow...!!

Daniel : Hey, what're you doing ?

Maeda : I just want to conduct this experiment to see whether or

He returns to the microscope to put the sample.

Maeda : Hm... Yes... yes... This is... exactly as I... It's just as I
thought... Go ahead, take a look.

Aya is going to see what Maeda has just said :...What is it...?

Here the cop could see that cells' action that affect the Human's body
: The mitochondria living within the cells with the energy made from

Aya : Your cells are completely them...

Maeda : As you can see, the mitochondria, er, Eve has taken over the
nucleus. In a similar manner, the beasts that attacked you probably
experienced the same thing.

Daniel : Does the mitochondria really have the power to control the
nucleus ?

Maeda : No, the "normal" mitochondria never has such power. But Eve's
mitochondria has gone through tremendous evolutionary changes. This is
what I think happened to Eve's mitochondria... Normally, mitochondria
require oxygen when they generate energy called ATP. So at this time,
the mitochondria requests oxygen from the nucleus. Without the energy
supply from the mitochondria, the nucleus cannot function. So in
essence, the two organelles constantly rely on each other. But in this
case... It seems that Eve developed the power to reverse this symbiotic
relationship. Evolution, or even mutation seems likely in this case...

Daniel : Reversed the cycle ?!

Maeda : Look at this... even with a limited number of cells, her cells
have this much power. Can you imagine how much power Eve has within her
whole body...?!

When Maeda is explaining, Aya interrupts him suddenly...

Aya : Maeda...

Maeda : Y, yes ?

Aya : Could you test my cells ?

Maeda : Yes... of course, but...

Aya : I want to know... I want to know why I have the power to fight
her... I want to know where I stand with her !

Daniel : Aya...

Aya : Please, Maeda ! I need to know why !

Maeda seems reluctant :...Yes... Of course...

Aya : Thanks, Maeda.

Maeda : Could you step over here, please ?

Aya goes aside with the scientist.

Maeda : I'll need your arm...

Aya : Like this ? Here. (She raises her arm to Maeda.)

Maeda : Yes, yes... (Then he makes a similar work as he did with
himself with his first sample cell.)

Aya : Ow...!

Maeda : Let me just set this up here...

He resets the microscope again with Aya's sample and see it first.

Maeda :...! I think you'd better see for yourself...

Aya : What is it ? Is something wrong ?

Now Aya could see her cells by very her eyes : very special. Her cell
is too special that it could fight against Eve's mitochondria.

Maeda : Do you realize what is happening ? Your mitochondria are
supplying more energy to the nucleus of your cells... It's almost as if
they are protecting the nuclei from Eve's mitochondria...

Daniel : Why does Aya's mitochondria have this kind of power ?

Maeda : I don't know... I just... Are you familiar with Richard
Dawkins theory of the "Selfish Gene" ? In simple terms, it states

While Maeda is talking gesticulatingly, Aya steps in hesitation as she
is thinking of something: another impression about very herself.

Maeda :..."genes act in a manner to preserve and ensure survival of
the species."

Daniel : Hey man, I don't read those scientific journals... What're
you trying to say ?

Maeda : Depending on how you look at it, you can say that Eve is...
trying to destroy all mitochondria except her own. In response to that,
Aya's mitochondria has developed the power to rebel...

Daniel interrupts : Why only Aya's ? Shouldn't it be the same for us
as well ? We should also have that power based on...

Maeda : That seems to follow the natural order of things, but I'm
sorry, I don't know why...

But then someone is coming. As cops' nature, Aya and Daniel raise
their guns.

Aya :...Professor ?!

Oh no ! It's Hans Klamp !

Klamp :...What're you doing in my lab ? This is breaking and entering!

He checks his equipment touched by Maeda.

Klamp : I'm asking why you people are in my lab...!

Daniel : We... we're just...

Aya : We've received orders to evacuate this city. Professor, you
really should...

Klamp : I tell you... Cops are the ones corrupting this fine city...!

Daniel tries to ignore what he has just said.

Maeda becomes stutter than he was : I'm... I'm sorry...! It was my
fault, you see... I asked them to bring me here...

Klamp : Who the hell are you ?

Maeda : Oh...I... I'm Kunihiko Maeda and I'm a scientist from Japan...

Klamp :...You were using my electronic microscope...

Then he checks it carefully to know what they have done on it. But...

Klamp : What ? What is this ? Where did you get this... specimen ? You
! Where did you get these... cells ?

Maeda : Th... Those are... I... I... I don't know...

Klamp : Do you take me for a fool ? With cells like these... They must
affect the body's natural state...!

Maeda :

Klamp : Oh, shut up ! I'll just ask...Officer Brea...!

It seems that Klamp has known something about Aya's secret she doesn't

Klamp : Your cells contain a tremendous amount of energy... Do you
feel any... bodily changes ?

Aya : I...

Klamp : You should feel... somewhat... hot... ? No ? Speak up,
Officer... I can't hear you... Have you lost consciousness anytime
recently ?

Suddenly, Daniel finds something on Klamp's computer screen that makes
him a lot surprised and angry !

Daniel : Hey ! Hey !! What the hell is this ? Why's my boy's name here
?!...Lorraine !! Lorraine's on here too ! Klamp !!! You tell me...!!

But Klamp says nothing, he just comes and then turns off the the
computer as erasing all what Daniel has seen.

Daniel : You...!

In anger, Daniel opens his wild nature. He raises Klamp up.

Daniel : You tell me what that list is for !!! Tell me, you hear ?!

Aya is trying to stop them.

Klamp : Let go of me... I don't have to tell you anything.

Daniel :...What ?

Aya : Daniel, calm down...

Daniel :...!

Aya : Daniel !

Daniel :...Damn !

Now even he kills Klamp, Daniel couldn't do anything or force him to
tell what he wants. He is reluctantly to give up the scientist,
clutching his hands in hilarious anger.

Klamp : Get outta here !

Of course, Daniel can't stand there so long in this situation. What a
shock for him !

Aya : Sorry to disturb you. But we do have to officially warn you of
the evacuation. Please remember that...

There's nothing more she can do. Aya slowly steps out door. Klamp says
something weird to her. But she ignores.

Maeda :...Oh... uh... no... thank you... er... bye...(Poor guy ! He
has just been startled )

Klamp is still there, saying another uncommon thing : It's too late
now... It's too late to do anything now...

All of them must return to NYPD Station now. What a long day !

Daniel : Damn him ! One of those days...!

Aya : What was that list...?

Maeda : It was an HLA type listing... It's a list to see whether
organs will be rejected when transplanted.

Daniel : Why the hell are Ben and Lorraine on the list ?!

Maeda : It was a list of people with matching HLA types, so...

Daniel : Damn ! I'm gonna get him ! I'm going back to the station and
getting the...

But it's not smooth as he thinks. What a mess !!!
Now the police station is just a dark ruin. It looks like that it has
just been messed up by something... such as Eve. She is here ?

Daniel : What the hell happened here ?!

Aya : Eve...? - She is sighing.

Maeda : Sh, she's here ?

Aya : I'll go look around. You two stay here.

Daniel : Hell, no ! I'm not gonna sit around and wait for this thing
to kill my family !

Then he runs into charge without saying anything more.

Aya : Daniel !

She is chasing him...

Maeda : Wait, Aya !

He comes to her, giving her the Hamaya lucky charm

Maeda : Here, take this

Aya : What's this ?...

Maeda : It's a good luck charm from Japan. It's the best I can do...

Aya : Thank you. I'll take it.

Then Aya goes in charge to the place. Some of the cops are dead, lying
everywhere in the mansion. On the upper floor she sees Nix and a cop
fighting some spiders.

Nix : Go dowstairs ! Hurry !

Now Aya must find the others. She cannot only be with them. In the
office, she finds Warner who is wounded.

Aya : Warner !

Warner : Aya... Man, Eve really caught us off guard... Most of our men
were out...

Aya : I'm getting help ! Hold on !

Warner : No worries... I'll be all right. You go after Ben...!

What does he say ? Ben ? Where is the child ? It seems that something
happened to the little boy. Cathy !!! Maybe she knows where he is. Aya
must find her as soon as possible.
But in the Weapon Department, there is another incident...

Wayne : Aaaaaagh !

Aya : Wait ! It's me !

It seems that something blocks Wayne's sentence.

Wayne : Aya ! This...freak of a dog...came, and it... It got Torres !

What is happenning her ? Torres, he is wounded...

Aya runs to Torres. He couldn't hold on anymore...

Torres :...Hey, Aya. Guess... I screwed up, eh ?...

Wayne : Why...? Why didn't you shoot, man ?

Torres : Haven't used a gun since...

Wayne continues : Since your daughter was shot ? Torres, you can't
blame guns for that !

Torres : I... suppose... You're right. Wayne... You take good care of
this place, now...

Then he gives up his last gasp...

Aya : Torres !

Wayne : No !!!

... ...

Wayne gives Aya the M92F handgun.

Aya : This gun... It's...

Wayne : It's Torres' gun... Hasn't used it in ages, but he always kept
it in shape. Torres wasn't just good at gun tune ups... He was a real
good shot, too. But ever since the day his daughter was killed by a gun
accidentally going off... He stopped shooting altogether, and he came to
this department to keep guns in check... Aya ! I know you can handle
this gun ! Take this... And nail that monster for Torres !

What a sad story right ? But anyway, Aya must forget everything to
continue what she is doing.

In the corridor, let's see the dog room. The door was broken out, some
slime was stuck like it came from an incident. The slime of Eve... What
happened ? And Cathy, she is unconscious.

Aya : Is...this...Sheeva ?

Cathy : Aya...

Aya runs to help her...

Cathy : I... I'm sorry... Ben's... gone...

Aya : Where ?

Cathy : I... don't know... Sheeva went berserk, and... Ben went after

Aya : What !?

Cathy doesn't have enough strength to say more. And now Aya must find
Ben around this station, the same as to Sheeva.

Ben is somewhere around, chasing after Sheeva. Sheeva, now like a
crazy dog, runs and runs.

In the hallway, Nix is wounded seriously and the other cop were dead.

Nix : Aya, you gotta go after Ben ! He went upstairs chasing Sheeva...

Aya : Come on, we need to take care of that wound...!

Nix : I'm all right ! Just... go after Ben !

How dangerous this place is ! It's not good for Ben to wander alone.
She must find him as soon as possible.

...Ben has come to a dead end with Sheeva. Sheeva now has lost all
mentalities. Eve has changed him, as the slime in the dog cage proved to
Aya. But Ben, he is still too small to understand what will happen to

Ben : Sheeva ? Are you Ok...?

He tries to relief the poor animal. But it's all useless. Baker
quickly grabs him away...

Baker : Ben ! Get away from her !

Ben : Let go ! Sheeva's sick !

In a corner of the room, Baker's ready to shoot the monster

Ben : Stop ! Don't hurt Sheeva !

The child tries to plead Baker.

Baker : She isn't Sheeva ! Eve's turned her into a monster !

Ben : A... monster... !?

Baker : Close your eyes, Ben !

As Baker has just finished his word, it's time for Sheeva-Eve to give
up her real surface now - the most awful mess we have ever seen : a
three-headed dog monster...

Baker : You're not touching him !

Then he shoots the monster continuously. But it runs out of ammo...
The monster cries...

Let's return to Aya. Anyway, she has found another giant dog-man who
is striking a cop on her way.

Aya : You're the one that got Torres...!

... ...

However, our heroine has got revenge for Torres. Her partner now could
die in peace...
Okay, now it's time for Ben...

Aya has finally found them. Ben and Baker is being caught by the giant
monster - Sheeva.

Baker : Aya...!

Ben : Aya ! Uncle Baker's hurt !

How she surprised for Aya to see the familiar police dog now...

Aya :...Sheeva !?

Ben : It's not Sheeva ! Sheeva's already dead ! Aya, please ! Don't
let her turn into a monster !

Aya tells "Sheeva"...No, it's Eve : Come on ! I'm the one you want !

... ...

Aya : Ben ! Captain !

Baker : Aya...

Ben : Aya ! Uncle Baker's hurt !

Now the important person to Ben, Daniel has come.

Daniel : Ben !

Ben : Daddy !

Daniel : Ben, are you OK ?

Ben : Uncle Baker was protecting me !

Daniel stands up to Baker : Captain... Thank you...

Baker : Remember when... Ben was younger ? We used to all play at your

Daniel : Sir...

Baker : Cut that out... "Baker" is fine... like the old times.

Now Ben was sad, sad for Sheeva. Poor thing !

Ben : Sheeva...

Aya : Ben...

Ben :...Aya... Whoever did this to Sheeva... You'll get them,

Aya : ...Yeah, yeah, I will.