Daniel : It's finally over...

Aya :...I don't understand... Why do "I" have this... "power"... ?

Maeda : It's because... Maya is inside of you, too, Aya...

Aya : What ?...

Daniel : When your mother and your sister died, they transplanted a
part of your sister into you.

Aya : Into me ?

Daniel : Yeah... When you were seven. You probably don't remember any
of it... but... You were born with a detect in your right eye. And so
Maya's cornea was transplanted into your right eye...

Aya : My right eye ? Then, what I saw when I touched Eve was...

Maeda : It's said that when you have an extreme experience... what you
see then is branded onto the cornea... But this hasn't been
scientifically proven.

Aya : That was... Maya's last memory ? That was the last thing she
ever saw...?

Maeda : As for the mitochondria that was in Aya's body... I think it
underwent a different evolutionary change than Eve... By living
symbiotically with Aya's mitochondria, it still possessed Eve's power.
From there, it evolved to the point where I could live symbiotically
with the human nucleus...

Aya : Me and... Maya... our mitochondria power...

Maeda : Starting with the incident in Japan and now with this... I
wonder if this is a message to all mankind...

Daniel : Message ? What kind of message...?

Maeda : How can I explain...? If the earth is a single human being, we
humans that invade the earth become like viruses out of control. We, in
essence, are upsetting the natural balance of the body. This is
defenitely... utter destruction.

Daniel : No... we're... we're not that weak...

Maeda : You see... humans are, in essence... parasites... You can say
that we are parasites and the world is our host.

Aya :...

Daniel : Look ! The sun's coming up !

And it begins for a peace of new day after the deep dark...

... ...

Aya's last Christmas Eve was ruined. So now our characters have chance
to greet their great festival again at that opera where the tragedy
began. But now there would be no more accident...

... ...

A car has stopped in front of the big opera of Manhattan. A child gets
off from the car who is Ben himself. He takes someone from the back of
the car.

Ben : C'mon, Aya ! Here, take my hand !

Aya : Thank you, Ben.

Then Daniel and Maeda come...

Daniel : I... I'm not too good with these social events...

Ben : Nah, not me ! I love these things !

Aya : We have to make up for the Christmas Eve.

Maeda : This is my first time, so... I'm... mmm... I'm nervous...

Ben : That's cuz you're with Aya and she's all dressed up and pretty.

Maeda : What ?! No ! No ! That's not it ! Of course not !

Aya : It's starting. Shall we ?

They all go in the opera.
In the hall, Aya and Maeda are sitting next to each other. Where are
Daniel and Ben ?

Maeda : Mmmm... yes... D, Daniel and Ben are late, aren't they ?

Aya : They'd better hurry. It's going to start any minutes now...

Maeda : Uh... the restroom must be really crowded. Yes, that's
probably it. (Hm...I think he wants to say something "special" to Aya.
Look at him now, funny ? )

Aya :...What's wrong ? You seem tense... (Hehehe...)

Maeda :...Uh... er... um... yes, of course...

Aya : What ?

Maeda : Oh, uh... Well, since I'm going back to Japan tomorrow I might

But then Ben comes and separates them with a seat between. Daniel's
coming too.

Ben : Move, Maeda ! Yeah ! All right ! Made it on time ! I'm sitting
next to Aya !

Daniel : Sorry we're late.

The performance begins (Poor Maeda !)... The actress who takes the
role of Eva is another one. (Of course not Melissa anymore)

Prince : Father, please give me permission to marry Eva.

King : I FORBID IT ! You know well what will happen if you do ! Those
who succumb to her beauty ALL die in horrible ways !

Prince : You don't understand ! SHE is the one that has suffered after
the deaths.

King : She is EVIL ! Guard ! Grab HER ! And burn her at the stake !

At this time, our characters see some fire flaming... In a sudden,
they all stand up...

... ...

Stupid !!! It's the guard's torch to make the stage more beautiful.
What a...!

Prince : Father ! If you are sentencing her to death...then I ask you
take my life along with hers...

Eva : Edward !

Return to our guys...

Audience in back : Um... Would you mind sitting ? We can't see...

Daniel : Sorry...

Then they are sitting again.

Ben : Get with it, guys !

The actress begins to sing. The song is sounded as if the lullably
warming the whole hall...peaceful and quiet !

And Aya, she has never been comfortable like this. But anyway,
mitochondria still lives within each person of we human.
There are a lot of different theories about the last image of the game
- when all the audience's eyes are lit. About me, I think they are all
the mitochondria. But it will be nothing if we live in love and peace...

=The End =