Eve disappeared from the hospital incident. She may be wandering in
this city. But where is she ?
From Warner, Aya has known that Melissa Pearce has often gone to the
Museum of Natural History in the nights. This might be involve Dr.
Hans Klamp - the mysterious professor who is supposed to have
executed the organ transplantion between Maya and Melissa, also the
guy who seems to know everything in this.
Eve has got some sperm from the sperm bank of Saint Francis hospital.
Now she might be somewhere in the city to protect her conception to
give birth to the Ultimate Being. But she still doesn't stop haunting
the town.

As what info the characters has found, there are Chinatown and
Warehouse where Eve is supposed to locate. The first is Warehouse.
There's being a cop to guarding this place.

Cop : Officer Brea ! Ah... uh... Eve is in there. Why don't you check
it out, huh...?

Then he gets away.

Cop : I'll... go call for some backup, okay ? S... So you go check it
out ! Elle ! C'mon, we're getting outta here ! (Hm... it's just a reason
for him to move his duty to Aya. Can't believe there is a guy like this
in Aya's office).

Aya checks the place. As the incident in NYPD Precinct, Eve doesn't
directly destroy the place, just leaving a giant crab to welcome Aya the
only one who can get there. So the destination is of course Chinatown.
There she sees Maeda who is also joining this mission with her. He is
checking some hole in the street - a hole to sewer.

Maeda : Aya, it's here !

Aya : ?

Maeda : It looks like rotten meat...

Aya : I'm going down to have a look. Notify Daniel for me !

Maeda gives Aya another useless thing : Y, yes... Wait ! ...Here. take
this... It's a good luck charm...- the Narita.

Maeda : Careful, now !

Aya begins her next adventure in this sewer. After some time for
seeking the way, she is taken to the water pool where sewer water is
filled here. A familiar thing appears in her eyes : the slime.

Aya : This is... It's the audience from Central Park.

It might be controlled by Eve, gathering into big mass and moves to Aya
slowly. But when the distance becomes closer, all the mass drops through
the pool. They will be mixed with the pure water supplied to this town.

Aya : I have to get this slime out of the reservoir before it infects
the whole city.

In the control room...

Aya : I could move the slime in the reservoir by using this control

Then she supplies power to the drain action. The slime is drifted to
another area where Aya has already guessed...

She finds a secret leading to the Subway which will also take her to
outside. Here there is a huge centipede instructed by Eve is waiting for

... ...

After fighting the monster, Aya gets to the bridge connecting the
island to the land. Here she finds the subway key which will help her
get out from a corpse.

Aya : The slime's going towards... - Aya gets her sight to the city -
...the museum !

Maybe she has determined her destination and she has known what to do
next. Eve might be waiting for her there...

The night has come. The Museum becomes more dark and quiet that it is
as usual. In the first sight of the mansion, a white shadow welcomes Aya
with a dreadful mystery...

Aya :...? Who's that ? Who's there...?

Then he disappears through the dark bakground. Aya chases him. Until
she comes to a room with an opposite door. The shadow gets into it and
locks the door without saying anything.

Aya : Hey...!

Then she is attacked by some... "dinosaurs" - a kind of reptiles which
was killed millions of years ago.

Aya :...How the hell did those dinosaurs get here ?

The young cop decides to find out this mystery in the large space of
Museum. The door that shadow got through is locked, so she must find
another way in the north. But a giant scorpion is on her way...

Aya :...Someone obviously doesn't want me to get through this area...

... ...

After some walks, she has come to a dead end which is a show room of
ancient statues. But the Aya hears something strange...

Aya : Wait... What was that noise...?

In respond to her, a little earthquake vibrates that breaks the
statues in the area and upper floor. Aya is all right. But then she is
caught by three Armadillos (the spiral monsters)...

... ...

Aya reaches the upper show room the statues were destroyed either and
she finds a backdoor to a small balcony. It leads her to 3rd floor.
After passing all the exhibition rooms, she has arrived in 3rd floor
main hall. All the stairs to 2nd floor are being locked that she can't
go down. So there's an only door in the hall that she could get through.
But Aya doesn't know that's a trap. When she has come in...

Aya :...Hey !...Did someone just lock the door ?

The situation is as if that Aya couldn't get out anymore. But she
finds a broken glass window and thinks of a desperate escape from 3rd

Aya : I can get through here...

It's lucky for her when there is a wall platform just below the
window. She steps carefully on it to the end. Then she observes
everywhere in the area. This is the biggest show room for the most
precious sample here : T-Rex's full skeleton. The 2nd floor window is
below where Aya is standing with a similar platform.

Aya : If I slip... I'm a goner...

There's no other choice. Then she decides to jump down correctly to
the narrow platform... A beautiful performance !

Aya :...Phew... Made it...!

Now she is on the 2nd floor where Klamp's laboratory is located. But
now it's locked. So Aya finds another way to go. She has reached the
Monitor Room where she can re-arrange the alarm of the whole museum and
activate the elevator.

Aya : Let's see... Where's the alarm...?

After some time...

Aya : Here it is... and it's been activated.

Aya deactivates the thing as well. But then something has petrified
her on the monitor...

Aya :...Hey ! Wait a minute !

She suddenly recognizes who is in the monitor. It's more terrible than

Aya : Eve...! she ? That room... where is that ?

But after that, another again surprises her in the show room...

The slime ! It's coming to the T-Rex skeleton and cover the whole
sample. Then the unliving skeleton suddenly moves its tail, then the
other parts until the head. It roars heavily and goes away. It's a real
T-Rex - the tyrant of ancient reptiles.

Aya witnesses everything from 2nd floor :... I can't believe it ! So
that's how she controls inanimated objects...! And all of those things
!!! She's crazy !!!

... ...

Finally, Aya has returned to the main hall. The elevator has already
been activated with lights. But besides it, there's another difference
that doesn't look like what Aya saw when you came here. The door leading
to 2nd floor are unlocked. It takes her to Klamp's lab which is now
unlocked too.

Aya :...There's someone in there...!

She thinks it's Klamp. So at the first sight, she holds up her gun...

Aya : Professor Klamp ! Don't move !! Put your hands in the air where
I can see them !

But then she must open her eyes more obviously...

Aya :...Maeda ?!

Poor guy ! He brings up all his hands in fear...

Maeda :...H, hi Aya... Yes, t, there was something I really needed to
test... Err... May I put my arms down now ? (Idiot you are, Maeda !)

Aya : Did you come back here...alone...?

Maeda, Daniel came with me part of the way.

Aya : Well... where is he...?

Maeda : Err... yes... he went to look for something at the hospital...
He should be on his way here...

Aya : Oh...

Maeda :...There haven't been any combustions recently. so I... er...
anyway... I asked Wayne to make this back at the station ! Please use it

then he gives Aya a gun...

Aya : What is it...?

Maeda : Yes, er... I'll have to explain later... But I believe this
will have some effect against Eve and the creatures she controls...

Aya : Thank you. I guess I'll have to wait and see what is does...

This is the weakest gun in this game. But later you will know why
Maeda made it for Aya.

Maeda : I came across some findings... mmm... yes... First of all,
there was blood serum with Maya's name labeled on it in the freezer.

Aya :...My sister's name... And... ?

Maeda : Well...the research code for it was called EVE...

Aya : EVE ?! Then Eve really is...

Maeda : It appears to have been made up of liver cells. He was
culturing them in the past.

Aya : What do you mean ? What for...?

Maeda :...I don't know... There isn't any data left. But it seems Dr,
Klamp has been culturing them for years. Recently, it appears he was
conducing research on artificial sperm... For Eve, of course...

Aya :...For Eve...?

Maeda : Err... yes... he wanted to exclude the mitochondria from the
sperm and create new sperm... Sperm ith no parasites... Sperm with only
the nucleus...

Aya : Sperm without...the mitochondria...?

Maeda : Yes. He took the sperm that he created here and moved it to
the hospital... There, he would artificially inseminate those who would
volunteer for the experiment.

Aya :...Then... what was that HLA list for...?

But Aya can't continue her talk...

Aya :...Professor Klamp ?!

Yes, the dirty evil guy has come...

Klamp : you ordinary beings will never, never comprehend my level of

Aya holds up her weapon to punish the criminal.

Aya : Professor, I'm placing you under arrest as the ring leader of
this operation. What you did...! This isn't something you can get away
with, do you understand ?

Klamp : Hahahaha... You are pathetic, Brea ! Why put yourself in the
human domain by reciting meaningless laws... They're meaningless, do you
understand ?

Klamp is more intelligent than what Aya has thought. Although she has
spent a lot of incidents and a lot of evidence prove that she is a
strong mitochondria with invincible power that can be used to rule this
world with Eve, she has always seen herself as a human - a human with
the compassion that no other creatures can have. So she can't shoot
Klamp as she wants.

Klamp steps to Aya closer with an awful laugh : Hahahaha... I guess
you haven't told your friends, yet... Your... mitochondria... has
soecial powers, doesn't it... Aya...?

When he is just next to Aya...

Klamp : Hahahahaha ! But sadly... you still have the form of a human
being, don't you ?

Aya strangely lowers her arms.

Aya : You can say all you want, but I'm just here to arrest you,
Professor Klamp.

Klamp : I'm not letting you interfere with Eve, you hear ? Do you
understand ?

Then it looks like he wants to give her a punishment with a sharp

Maeda : Aya ! Look out !

But...BBUUUUBBB !!! It's unlucky for Klamp that he receives the "gift"
before Aya that made by Daniel and then the guy lost his consciousness

Aya : Daniel... Thanks... I... I didn't see the scalpel...

Daniel : Just in time... Why didn't you shoot ? You could've been
killed !

Aya :...I know... It... just didn't seem real... it felt more like...

Klamp : Ugh...

Yeah, the "evil" has woken up.

Daniel : He's conscious again...

Klamp :...Dollis to the rescue, eh...? Officer Dollis... Why didn't
you shoot me ?

Daniel : What ?

Klamp : I know you hate me...

Daniel :...What do you wanna say, huh ? Of course I hate you ! Because
of you, Lorraine's...!

Klamp :...Lorraine...? Hmm... so I see that your boy managed to

Daniel : You...!!!... I should've killed you way back ! Someday,
you're gonna pay for this !!!

Klamp : Hahahaha... We'll see... we'll see...

Aya :...What are you planning to do, Professor ?...

Klamp : Hahaha. You'll love this ! I'm waiting for the birth of the
Ultimate Being... The mitochondria is passed on from the mother, but you
see traces from the father can also be found in minute quantities...
According to Eve, her sister in Japan was unable to attain her ultimate
goal because... the father's side of the mitochondria caused a
rebellion. For Eve to succeed this time, I created sperm without the
male mitochondria DNA...The creation was a success... Eve is now
pregnant with Melissa's body...

Aya : Pregnant ?

Maeda : How can that be...possible ?

Daniel : Damn ! Aya, we gotta kill Eve ! Let's go !

Klamp : Hahahaha... You humans are so weak... so stupid...

Then he gets out of his seat...

Klamp : You may have been able to barge in here and do things your way
until now... But things are going to change. I won't let you interfere
with Eve any more... Eve, can you hear me ? You don't have to wait...
any... more... I'm ready...

Daniel : What...? what the hell are you talking about ?

Klamp becomes strange. But Aya has recognizes what is happening : Eve
wants to burn everyone to delete all things on her way...

Aya : Daniel, Maeda ! Run ! She's gonna blow the whole place up !

It's lucky for Daniel and Maeda to have run immediately. Aya's
mitochondria is too strong that she completely prevents Eve's power.
Klamp was burnt. He has made a stupid mistake ! He devoted all his life
to kill people with these sorts of research ! He pays for this !

Klamp :...So I see... Your mitochondria power doesn't allow you to
burn... Why... ? Why... stay here and try to save me...?

Aya : First of all, I'm a cop and it's my job... And after all, I am

Klamp : Hahaha... Like I said, humans... are... pathetic...

He is crazy ! He is all crazy ! He doesn't admit his mistake even in
the death of himself... He is hated !!!

Aya has got his key to occupy all this mansion. She must find Eve no
matter what. Eve has dropped to eternal crime !

With the new key, she has reached some new areas. When she arrives in
the Triceratops exhibition, the Triceratops skeleton was covered by
slime. It steps to her and begins to attack.

... ...

Aya continues her adventure. But the Triceratops doesn't give her up.
It takes her to the T-Rex show room with a heavy shock. The T-Rex now is
away. Because of having dropped from a high height, the triceratops
becomes a mass of useless slime...
Aya's still alive...

Aya :...Uuurgh... My body feels like... it's going to burn up !

But then she tries to stand up from the shock. The T-Rex has been homr
and it is controlled by Eve. Its target is... or course, Aya Brea.

... ...

Aya must find Eve before everything is too late. Finally she reaches
the 4th floor terrace where Eve is supposed to be.

Aya : Eve !

Look at Eve now ! She is concepting her baby. Her form now is really
repulsive. But the face... the beautiful face of Melissa doesn't change.

Eve : It's a wonder you made it this far... Hmoh... So are you going
to congratulate me on this birth...?

Aya : What're you planning to do, Eve ?

Eve : Hmm... Perhaps you can help me answer that, Aya. Why do humans
give birth...? Hmmmm...?

Aya draws her weapon : Maya...

She steps slowly to Eve, ignoring all what is unnecessary to kill the
monster. But of course, Eve doesn't let her do that so easily. She calls
a giant monster made by slime to come to the Museum, bringing her away
on its huge hand. Aya can do nothing to stop it...

Maeda and Daniel are waiting outside for Aya. She has come out.

Daniel : Are you OK, Aya ?

Maeda : Aya !

Aya : Daniel, Maeda... You both made it out okay...?

Daniel : Yeah. we barely made it though... Did you see that ugly

Aya : That... That was everyone from Central Park...

Daniel : What ? Then you're saying that Lorraine's a part of that
thing too ?

Aya :...I'm sorry, Daniel...

Daniel :...

Maeda : Er... Yes... It has become apparent as to what medication
Melissa had been taking...

Aya : What was she on ?

Maeda : She was being administered...immunosuppressants.

Aya : Immunosuppressants...? For what ? Why ?

Daniel and Maeda take her on car and talk about what the have

Daniel : Here's the story... Melissa had a transplant when she was a

Aya : Transplant ? What kind of transplant ?

Maeda : Yes, It seems that she got one of your sister's kidneys...
after Maya died in an accident.

Aya : A kidney trabsplant ? So Melissa got... Maya's kidney...?

The Aya remembers all the series of the past, then connects them into
the real past of her life and her sister's with Daniel's narration.

Daniel : Your mother and your sister were donors.

Aya : What...? Really...? I never knew that...

Daniel : Your mother's organs couldn't be transplanted after the
accident... So Maya's kidney was transplanted into the young Eve... No
I'm sorry, the young "Melissa". She had the kidney failure...

Aya : Then Eve's kidney... is really Maya's kidney...?

Daniel : The intern that was present at the operation was... You
guessed it... Hans Klamp... Our main man, Klamp, wanted to become a
doctor... The doctor that were present during the operation were all
surprised and... they all screamed that the kidney was hot...!

Aya : Then... Eve is...

Maeda : It's hard for me to say, but the original was present in Maya.
Eve killed the host brain, cultured the kidney and obtained her own
physical body.

Aya :...Then that's what happened to Melissa...

Maeda : In her case, the immunosuppressant drugs served to act as a
catalyst. In Japan, Eve targeted a girl who had undergone a
transplant... A kidney transplant, to be exact, and she was talking the
same immunosuppressant drugs. This was all so that Eve would have a
"uterus" to plant the fertilized egg... In order to transplant organs,
it is necessary for the HLA Type to match. It lives symbiotically with
other cells. So it's necessary to take immonusuppressants... to control
the immunity and avoid rejection.

Daniel : While being controlled by Eve, Melissa felt her body change.
But she finally got the lead part in the opera. If she had gone to a
doctor, she would've been told to give up the part. So in order to avoid
rejection, she kept taking the drugs... and after taking so much...

Maeda : She was so weak that Eve was able to take over her physical
body... And that's how she transformed into..."Mitochondria Eve".

Aya : So then... Maya is... Maya's the original Eve...

Maeda : In reality, it's Maya's mitochondria...

Aya :...

This might be pain for Aya to know this. What such a fate !

... ...

At the mean time, the army prepares another attack to the big slime
wandering in the town. What can they do ? They have comtempted their
enemy so much.

Soldiers : Roger ! Commencing operation, sir !

Captain : Finally ! The time has come to put oue power to the test !

Admiral : Don't be impudent, Lynch ! It shouldn't have come to this...

Captain : Y, yes sir ! F, forgive me, Admiral...

Admiral : Calling all fighter jets ! We have just received permission
to attack ! Commence operation ! Head for the Statue of Liberty ! As
planned, helicopter team 1 will prepare for plan 2. Team 2 will search
and the rest will do their best to impede further advancement.

The forces are all prepared to this big attack. Daniel has just known
this from his radio.

Daniel : What ? Are you sure ?

Then he says : The Navy's made their move !

Aya : What ?

Maeda : We can't allow this ! We'll be repeating what happened
yesterday with the jets !

All stupid ! The army doesn't know how their enemy is...

The big slime creature bends into a sphere with invisible protective
lays. The helicopters are flying around to check it.

Our three characters are observing from a far position.

Daniel : No ! Lorraine... Lorraine can't be a part of that thing !

Maeda : The huge creatures... or no, those cells ! That must be where
Eve's giving birth !

Aya : Where she's giving birth ?!

Maeda : Yes... the huge creature will act as a barrier to protect the
Ultimate Being...

They continue observing.

The fighting helicopters are suddenly shot in series before they can
do anything. All their best ammunition can't destroy the barrierof the

Daniel : Lorraine !

Aya : ! The helicopter is coming !

Maeda : Everyone duck ! Cover your heads and... (You are the idiot,
Maeda !)

The pilot gets out of the helicopter and talks to them.

Soldier : Officer Brea of the NYPD, correct ? Madam ! It is my duty to
accompany you to the aircraft carrier !

Daniel : Accompany her...? To the What...?

In the aircraft...

Admiral : Welcome aboard the Navy's pride and joy, the Nimitz. I'm
Williams, I command this ship. Sorry to have you come on such short

Daniel : Hey ! You better not put Aya in danger here !

Captain : You ! Who do you think you are talking to the Admiral that
way !

Williams : It's quite all right, Lynch... After all, he is right...

Maeda : What...? What do you mean ?

Williams : You're the only one that can't be ignited by her... I'm
asking you to get in our chopper and nuke the creature.

Daniel : Hold on ! Aya can't fly a helicopter !

Lynch : Not to worry. The chopper's been set to auto. She won't have
any problems.

Maeda : S, so she just needs to fire from a distance, where she can't
be ignited...?

Lynch : Unfortunately the weapon needs to be fired at close range in
order to work... And we cannot move in that close since we will be

Aya : Well... (she is thinking over...)... I'll do it...!

Daniel : Aya ! No way ! You're not going up there !

Williams : Our fate lies in your hands, Aya...

Aya : Ok ? Daniel ?...

Daniel : That... thing, that's not Lorraine. Do it for Lorraine too,
Aya !

Maeda : W, wait ! Aya, please take this.

Daniel : Come off it, man ! We don't have time for that right now !
(Suck you Daniel !)

Maeda : Yes, of course... er... Aya, please be careful up there, OK ?

Aya : Of course ! I'll be fine...

... ...

Aya gets on her mission in the helicopter

Aya :...Maya.

She is accompanied by some other helicopter force. She doesn't know
that this would be such their fate : They are kamikaze force !

"The creature is within view ! Switch to formation 2 !"

The force is coming close the target.

Aya : What ? What's happening here ?

"From the last battle, we were able to anticipate this attack. We're
positioned this way for a reason."

Aya : What do you mean ?

A helicopter is burnt and exploded when reaching the monster on the
Statue of Liberty.

"We will act as your shield so that you will live to attack the

Aya : What ? No ! I'm not doing this without your...!

Another one is destroyed...

"We're entering firing range ! Prepare to attack !"

Aya :...All right...! Please, move away from me...Now !

"We cannot abandon our duty. Besides, we are already within range."

The last kamikaze was executed... Aya's helicopter could get through
the monster safely.

Aya : This is insane...! Since Christmas Eve, I've put a curse on my
own body... Why me...? Why is this happening to me ? I... I don't
understand... But... I don't care anymore...! Cuz Eve... I'm the one
that can destroy you, once and for all ! Maya... I'll end this and let
you rest peacefully...!

The rocket is fired at the monster. What a great shot ! The monster
has been destroyed ! But the Statue of Liberty is "crying".

At the aircraft...Everyone was cheerful after the shot.

Lynch : We did it !

Williams : Well done ! That was magnificent ! Return to base, Aya.

Aya : No... It's not over yet !

From the mass of slime, Eve rises up who looker stronger and more
terrible than everything, smiling in satisfaction.

Daniel : Aya, come back ! Now !

Williams : It s too dangerous to continue. Return to base at once. We
will plan...

Aya :...But...

Maeda : Yes... Aya... Please... I need to give you... (What ?)

Williams : Forget it. She's signed off already...

Aya has determined her way. She can't abandon what Eve has done and
she can't let her continue doing this. She jumps to the Statue of
Liberty to fight the last battle with the monster...

Eve : So it was you...

Aya : Maya...

Eve : Hmph... That must be the name of my host... Let me guess... your
sister ? You have the ability to evolve ! Why take the side of a doomed
species ?

Aya : Humans aren't doomed. If my mitochonria has the ability to
evolve... it'll evolve to get rid of you !

Then Aya draws her weapon to Eve.

Eve : Hahaha... Love that sense of humour of yours, girl... Why is it
that Human kill ? Humans kill other creatures and they even kill their
own kind...

Aya : We have our reasons. And you sure are a good enough reason for
us to kill !

Eve : Hahaha... All organisms have something called a "territory".
This territory is guarded from natural enemies. But until now, humans
had no such "natural enemy". That is what has allowed them to prosper to
this point. You beings must think of your prosperity as "history"... But
you're wrong ! We mitochondria have lived within the human being... and
have allowed you to prosper...

Aya :...What ?

Eve : Hahaha... We mitochondria have made you create the perfect
environment for us. Humans have come to rely on civilization and have
lost touch with innate physical abilities. Can't you see that it's the
perfect scenario ?

Aya : What...? Then you're saying that... Humans were kept alive for
the mitochondria's sake ?

Eve : Hmph... you humans just served as transportation vehicles for

Aya :...What do you mean ?

Eve : Vehicles to transport us to the time the mitochondria would
become free again... Hahaha... But you see, the "vehicle" is no longer
needed anymore... From now on, the mitochondria will become human being
and will rule this earth !

... ... ...

Eve has been defeated a few with the first form...

Eve : Hahaha... I'll give you points for trying... But enough of this
nonsense ! Watch... and learn what evolution really means...!

Then she turns into a winged monster with fast action strong spells.

... ... ...

Of course, finally, the justice must win defeat the evil...

Eve : I... I don't understand. N, No ! You can't be our... natural
enemy ? No !

Eve can't move with her wing. The slime is dropped from her body. And
then her body is melted into its original form - just a mass of dirty

Aya : There must have been some mitochondria that underwent a
different type of evolution. Think about it, Eve.

... ...