Eve has been defeated by Aya and everyone has known that. What a
big result of Aya ! But is it really over ? What about the child
Eve has concepted ? Is it really dead ?
Okay, the answer has found as soon as the incident. From the giant
mass of slime on the Statue of Liberty, the Ultimate Being has got
out of control and then sounds the first cry of his life - the cry of
destructions. Everything around, including means of transport, are
all suddenly burnt. Another evacuation is executed. But Aya, she
wants to finish this before more people are killed under this thing.
Now no one could stop her. And Maeda, he wants to give something to
Aya, just like he wanted to give her the lucky charms. But Daniel
pulls him away before he can do anything. Now he seems to be very
serious, but Daniel knows nothing...
Anyway, our heroine Aya, again faces her fate with the baby Ultimate
Being - the strongest creature of mitochondria...

... ...

Aya is standing on the Navy Cruiser. The sense on her face looks like
she still doesn't forget what happened to her.

Daniel : Aya, c'mon !

Maeda : Aya...! What's wrong...?

They run to congratulate the girl.

Daniel : Ha ! You were great, Aya ! Shows that only my partner can
pull it off, eh ?

Maeda : Yes. Aya, I'm relieved that you made it back safely.

Daniel : Why the hell did Eve have to bring all this to the Statue of
Liberty ?

Maeda : because of the ocean and what it symbolizes... The sea is the
mother of all creation. This is where she wanted to give birth...

... ...

Wayne also came all the way here to greet Aya and help her about
storing items or equipments.

Wayne : No need for this anymore. You take it. Keep it as souvenir,
huh ? (What is he mentioning ?)

Maeda : Y, yes... Thank you...

Maeda comes to Aya.

Maeda : Aya...! Wayne came all the way from the precinct to see you.

Wayne : Yo, Aya !

Maeda : Uh... I'll be outside. The smell of oil makes me... um...
rather queasy.

Then Aya talks to Wayne.

Wayne : I knew it ! I knew you could do it ! When I heard that you
blew that thing to bits, I had to come over here ! Everyone's saying
that you're the No.1 cop in NY right now !!!

Aya says nothing, but she seems strange...

Wayne : Hey, what's wrong ? You killed that thing...! Aren't you
happy...? I guess you're in shock or something huh...? Yeah... uh you're
probably tired, too... I'll take the things that are in your way... So
you rest up now, you hear ? (Then do what you want)

Wayne : It's great being on this cruiser, eh ? Gotta tell my mom about

Aya wanders around the place. But then she has to return to her

Daniel : Some Christmas, huh ?

Aya : Tell me about it.

But then Captain Lynch and Admiral Williams come that look like
there's something new in current situation.

Williams : Sorry we're late.

Lynch : We could not approach the creature without absolute
confirmation of its death.

Williams : Your help was greatly appreciated. Please, rest inside.

Lynch : As citizens of the United States...

But Aya has felt what will happen next...

Aya :...?! What's going on ?!

Daniel : W, what...? What is it ? You're scaring me...!

Maeda : That huge creature that the mitochondria was creating was...

A little quake happens. It seems Maeda either recognizes the current
state and the next monster they will face...

Maeda : It couldn't have been the uterus for the Ultimate Being ?! No!

From the mass of slime, something is rising from it - a basket with a
baby inside - the Ultimate Being. It sounds its first cry that destroys
some means of transport around.

Daniel :...?! What the hell is that ?

Aya :...You've got to be kidding...

Maeda :...That is the Ultimate Being. We... didn't make it in time...

Daniel :...What're these explosions ?

Maeda : The mitochondria energy must be out of control to the point
where it is causing these explosions...!

A pilot from the army comes to pick them out.

Pilot : We will escape by helicopter. Please follow me !

Daniel : Guess all we can do for now is run !

But Aya doesn't follow them...

Daniel : Aya, c'mon !

Maeda : Aya...! What's wrong...?

Aya : I... I have to take care of this.

Daniel : Aya ! No !

Aya : Don't worry about me. I'll be back !

Pilot : Please hurry !

Daniel : Shut up, man !

Maeda comes to Aya : Aya, please take...

But Daniel pulls him away : Cut it out with the voodoo stuff already,
huh ? We can't be wasting time !

Maeda : No, Daniel, please ! This is different ! It's not the voodoo

But Daniel doesn't listen to him.

Pilot : Hurry, please !

Aya : You two should go ! Now !

Daniel : Aya ! You're coming back no matter what, you hear ?!

When they have gone, Aya looks towards them...
The baby Ultimate Being has got on board. It comes to attack Aya.

Aya : It's you or me... Who's gonna be the one to make it through...
That's the question !

... ...

The baby is burnt... into a flying child...

Aya :...Is, is it growing ? What's happening ?

... ...

The dead child is burnt... into a weird young man...

Aya retreats in fear : This...? This is the mature being ?!

... ...

The man turns into a giant merman...

Aya : It's still growing ! No wait ! Is it still evolving ?!

... ...

The monster hasn't died yet. But Aya begins to be tired. She's

Aya :...I know you want to continue living... After all, you were just
born. But I want to live too ! Like all other human being !!

At that time, Daniel and Maeda just begins to get out on the army's

Daniel : Damn ! There's no end to this !

Maeda is holding something : If only we could get this to Aya !

Daniel : What're those ?...

Maeda : They're bullets with Aya's cells in them.

Daniel : So that's what you were trying to give her ! (sign...+_+)

Maeda : But... I think it's too late now... There's nothing we can

Daniel angrily gets the bullet crate from Maeda : Stupid ! Give them
to me !

Then she jumps out of the helicopter... Aya has seen him dropping from
the cruiser. The bullets of Aya's cells make him be burnt. It's the
opposite of Eve's mitochondria too. So it would be very effect with this

Aya : Daniel !...This is from Maeda...?

She might understand and draw her weapon to the monster.

... ...

The monster finally has been defeated. Aya intends to find Daniel...

Aya : Daniel !

But...the guy seems not to let her go. It uses all his last strength
to deal with her.

Aya :...Oh my God ! There's gotta be something on the cruiser to get
rid of this !

In the board Aya finds the cruiser map...

Aya : The engine room !

But the monster has reached her !

She must run to the engine room as soon as possible to end this.

... ...

In the engine room, Aya is arranging the system by the with the
control. The self-destruct system has been being executed. But the
Ultimate Being still chases her...

Aya : Do you where we are ? We're in Hell's Kitchen !

She continues to run before the cruiser is exploded.

... ...