Eve plans to give birth to the Ultimate Being who has an ultimate
mitochondria power to rule this world. Of course she can't concept
by herself. She needs a the rule of nature. So it seems
Eve will come to the hospital to make the next raid.
Saint Francis Hospital - the place where Aya saw her past - begins
to attract her. She must go there, for Eve and for finding the
answer for herself either.

Do you understand what Baker said ? It means he wouldn't be the chief
here anymore. So who will replace his position ? Let's see.

Daniel : Ah, ahem...ah, people...

Aya : C'mon, Daniel. You're in charge now.

Daniel : Yeah, well... I'm not used to this sorta thing...

Warner : You're doing great, boss !

Daniel : But why did Eve decide to attack the precinct...?

Aya : To get rid of us...?

Cop : Maybe that Japanese guy knows something about it.

Daniel : You're right. Where'd he go, anyway ?

Of course, with this sort of a person who loves science to death,
Maeda must be in some laboratory, with the Lab Tech. That's half his
life (Hehehe...)

Aya : Thought you'd be here.

Maeda : How did you guess ? This kind of place makes me think more

Then Daniel has arrived too.

Daniel : Hey Maeda, why did Eve attack the precinct ?

Aya : What I want to know is why Eve didn't show herself this time...
I felt her presence here, but as soon as we arrived, she was gone.

Maeda : It could be a distraction.

Daniel : Distraction ? What for ?

The guy is thinking again...

Maeda : Is there a sperm bank or a hospital that conducts artificial
insemination nearby ?

Daniel : A sperm bank ?

Maeda : Well, I don't think Eve's body will last much longer. Right
now, the mitochondria are just parasites in her body...

Daniel : So she's trying to create this Ultimate Being, like she did
in Japan ?

Maeda : I'm afraid so...

Daniel : So if we can stop her from getting there, she'll die
eventually ! I think a doctor at St.Francis Hospital specialized in
artificial insemination...

Aya : Let's go, Maeda !

Daniel : Hey, what about me ?

Aya : You're captain for now, remember ? You gotta look after the
precinct !

Daniel : Oh, alright... Here, take this, then. (He gives her a clip)

Then both Maeda and Aya go to Saint Francis Hospital to stop Eve...
On the way to destination...

Aya : What's wrong ? You're awfully quiet...(^_^)

Maeda : Uh...oh, uh...Er, I wonder why Daniel didn't come with us.

Aya : He said he's gonna get the dirt on Klamp. He also wants to be
with Ben.

Maeda : Oh, yes, of course !

A moment of silence is passed again. Then...

Aya : Maeda...

Maeda : Y, yes !

Aya : That creature that was born in Japan... What happened to it ?

Maeda : It died. Along with the scientist that was its father...

Aya : How did... a monster like that die ?...

Maeda : There was a rebellion. The mitochondria passed from the father
didn't connect with the ones passed from Eve. It began to deteriorate
and the father held onto the dissolving flesh and they died.

Aya seems hurt...

Aya : Even though it's a monster... I guess it's still your child...

Yes, what a pain to kill our children ! Aya has lost her family. Maybe
she was impressed...
Finally, they have been at the entrance of Saint Francis Hospital.

Maeda : Here it is...

Aya : This hospital... (Yes, it's very familiar to her !)

Maeda observes the hospital from outside : It's hot... It looks like
Eve is in there.

Aya : You wait here !

Maeda : Aya !

Maeda : Take this... It's a bell to keep away bad spirits. Just...
hold on to this, okay ?

Aya : Thank you. I'll keep it.

Then the young lady alone goes through the entrance. After the
evacuation, this place becomes quiet and perhaps nobody is here. Aya
suddenly sees a shadow, a very familiar shadow she met before in the
other side of a glass door...

Aya : Maya ? Or was it just my reflection ?

But the little girl disappears after the door.

Aya goes on the elevator to other floors. But it is sure that Eve has
already known her presence. The elevator is suddenly confused... The
sound of Eve wanders around Aya, but she doesn't appear herself...

Aya :...?

Eve : Goind down ?

Aya : Oh no... The elevator cables !

After that, the elevator Aya is standing on is dropped heavily on the
basement. What a shock ! Now she must find another way on this floor.

Eve : Night, night... Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Aya : The power !

Aya is really worried. The power supplied to this place is being
destroyed and... The power area is locked.

Aya : Eve's trying to trap me down here. She's cut the main power line

Then she tries to go by another elevator.

Aya : Oh, great ! One elevator is broken, and without power the other
one is useless.

Aya has determined what she must do now : supply the power to area.
Now there's only the dreadful dark surrounding her in this haunted
place. Aya also tries to find a stair to go up to upper floor. But Eve
wouldn't let her escape so easily.

Eve : Hope you enjoy your stay.

And everything is collapsed...

In the other side of a locked door also leads to the power line, Aya
sees Maya again...

Aya : Maya wait ! It's me !

Maya says nothing...

Aya : Why are you dressed in those clothes ? You must be cold.

But the girl seems not to hear her sister. She is lost in the dark.

Finally Aya also finds the key to enter the Autopsy Room which was
locked before. It is more haunted than other places with the burned
corpses (...God, please forgive me...). There she has gradually explored
more places to find the fuses that can be used to fix the power box. And
the last thing she grabs is the Blue Cardkey - the key to the power line
where the shadow of Maya has leads her. The little shadow re-appears in
near the power box...

Aya : Maya wait ! Don't leave me...alone...!

Maya :...

She has no respond and runs away...

But however, Aya must find the way to get out of here. She collects
all the fuses and then repair the fuse box to supply electricity. It's
all successful ! So now she is going down to the lobby on 1st floor.

Aya : ? - Aya suddenly sees another girl beside Maya
who looks almost similar to her. It was Aya herself. But why...?

The sickroom seems to be opened. Here there are a doctor and a patient
who are being caught by the monsters. Aya tries to rescue them.

Patient : I don't know about you two, but I'm getting out of here !

Doctor : Mrs. Nusebaum ! What about your medication ?

Patient : It's no use to me if I'm dead.

Then Aya talks to the woman doctor.

Aya : Are you okay ?

Doctor : Yes, thank you. However, a nurse is trapped in the other
room. Could you help her out ?

Aya : Yes !

At the sickroom next door, Aya kills the monsters to save the innocent
nurse. But then she recognizes this place - the white atmosphere in her
past. She almost loses consciousness...

Aya : This room...! I've seen it before ! I'm !... I
know I have been here before... But why...? What was I doing here ?

A series of memories presents in Aya's mind. It seems that currently
she can't remember anything more than a familiar feeling. But at least,
she has known Maya and she has been here for some reason.

Nurse : Whew ! I thought I was done for. Thanks.

Aya : Glad to help, but you could help me even more by telling me
where the doors next to the elevator lead.

Nurse : the storage of the hospital... That's where we keep
oxygen tanks and our main supply of liquid nitrogen.

Aya : What do you use liquid nitrogen for ?

Nurse : I don't know. Here... take this Green Cardkey and find out
yourself. I'm not staying here to see what happens next.

Aya : Thank you.

Shouting a sentence to Aya, the nurse runs away : Everyone's either
dead or evacuated. I think I'll choose the latter.

With the Green Cardkey, Aya returns to the doubled door where she
first met Maya. The doctor she saw in the sickroom has been being here

Aya : Can you tell me why the hospital uses liquid nitrogen ?

Doctor : Well, for many different things. You can use it to freeze off
warts and such, but its main use is for research. It keeps the sperm
bank from spoiling...

Aya : Sperm bank ? Oh my God... How do I turn it off ?

Doctor : Well, there's a valve that you can turn off in the storage
area. Why ?

Aya : Sorry, I don't have time to explain. By the way, which floor is
the research lab located on ?

Doctor : The 13th.

Aya : Thank you.

Doctor : I'm going to look around to see if anyone needs medical

Then she runs away. What a devoted doctor ! But it's not all. Aya is
devoted too. And Aya also has something to do.
She reaches the storage area and tunrs off the valve that provides
nitrogen liquid to the sperm bank, and then goes on the 13th floor to
check it again.

Aya : I have to stop Eve before more people die.

In the lab, the sperm bank was exclusively spoiled. But it's not over
yet. Aya suddenly finds some strange document :

Aya : What is this ? The HLA list. Ben's and Lorraine's name are on
here too... It's the same list that was on Klamp's computer. What's he
trying to do.

Then she sees another pile and reads it.

Aya : These are... the patient records. Mariko Brea... It's my
mother's record... December 23, 1977, taken in with Maya Brea after an
accident. Pronounced dead after cardiac arrest.
Maya Brea, the daughter...
The next page is missing. It's somewhere else...

Then Aya finds another pile of documents beside.

Aya : Melissa Pearce ! It's got to be that Melissa ! December 23, 1977
- emergency hospitalization. Operation successful. After 6 months of
hospitalization, released. Needs medication from hospital.
Melissa and Maya were brought into the hospital on the same
day... and operated on... No. It can't be...!

Aya also finds a sheet of paper stuck on the freezer that is worth
suspecting :
"Artficial sperm development staff - Hans Klamp !" ???

After a series of suspected evidence, Aya decides to go on the roof to
find Eve. In the elevator she has found an empty container od sperm
sample. No, does it prove that Eve has already got a sperm before Aya ?

... ... ...

At that time, the army of Manhattan city also joins this. First, they
are instructed to save any people can found after the incidents.

Admiral : Fighter jets, prepare to launche ! Head towards Central Park
! Remember, no unnecessary attacks ! Target the enemy in the air and be
alert !

Captain (Lynch) : Manhattan's practically deserted ! Why don't they

Admiral : No, Lynch. We haven't received orders from the President to
attack yet. At this point, we need to look for the missing people from
the park and warn the city.

After the order, some jets are operated and flown to the

... ... ...

At the meantime, Aya has stood on the roof. But before seeing Eve, she
must find a spider monster controlled by her...

Eve : So, you've found this place...

Aya : You're going to use that sperm to give birth to the Ultimate
Being !

Eve : You're a bright one ! The first rebellion took place some years
ago on a far off easten island. There, my sister committed a fatal
error... I'm higher in the evolution chain that my sister. I will never
commit the same mistake...

Maybe Eve is mentioning the event happened in Japan which Maeda has
told Aya... the dead Ultimate Being...

Aya : You're not my...

Eve : Finally caught on, huh...?

Aya :...No...!

Eve : You feeble organisms depend on machine to do all the work...!

Aya : Stop...!

But then anyway, Aya must suffer the punishment Eve gives to her and
to the the humanity. The three jets of the army are going to pass this
place. But one of the pilots is controlled by Eve. Her eyes turn emerald
more brightly and then the poor pilot is melted into useless slime.
The jet has no controller, so it falls to one another, making a little
explosion and it's dropping down the hospital's roof where Aya and Eve

Eve : You've just witnessed the limitation of humans...

Aya : Please ! No more !

Eve : What if I don't want to ? It's a shame that we couldn't
understand each other.

Then the monster is flying away, leaving Aya and her life decided by
herself at this time.

Aya : The jet !!!... It's going to crash into the roof. I've got to
get out of here.

Aya tries to find another way beside the elevator. It's an emergency
lift. But then the Spider Woman doesn't forgive her. It gives up a new
born spider to fight Aya through the window that switch the brake,
making the lift go down. Aya must kill the monster before the lift
touches the ground or another accident would happen.

Daniel : Over here Maeda !

Maeda : Aya !

Maeda has just rescued from the explosion by Daniel either. What a
crazy guy ! They both come to Aya.

Aya : We don't have anytime ! Eve got away with a sperm sample.

...Daniel is taking her back to the station.

Daniel : That's the thing. I found out several things about Klamp,
but... In the past, a doctor from that hospital was fired for giving out
a patient list.

Aya : A list...? You mean like the one with the HLA listing...?

Daniel : These guys have accessed to just about everything. I've got
another info too. This is what I heard from Warner, who was onto
Melissa. She was seen going into the museum late at night on several
occasions !

Aya : Eve...? She was going into the museum ?!

Maeda : We need to go there ! We must get there before the being is
born !

Daniel : Calm down. We're there, buddy...

Aya :...Maya...

Aya still doesn't get out of impression of the past...

At NYPD Station... Daniel is indeed a great guy. He has rebuilt the
station into the old state just in a very little time. What a captain !

Maeda : Aya ! Detective Warner has some new information.

Warner : Sometime ago, a doctor at the hospital was fired for selling
off patient records. And Melissa was seen going into the Museum late at
night several times.

Aya : Eve !?

Daniel : Klamp... That bastard ! I knew he was a part of this ! We'll
split up here and search the entire city. Eve and Klamp must be meeting
soon !

Maeda : We must hurry ! It'll be too late once the Ultimate Being is
born !

Warner : I'll go snoop around some more for any info.

Then the detective immediately goes in charge.

Throwing something to Aya, Daniel says : Brought you a walkie-talkie
so we can keep in touch. - then he throws another one to Maeda - I'm
counting on you too, Mr. Scientist !

Maeda : Whoa !

Aya : Weren't you going stay here, Daniel ?

Daniel : And push papers all day ! You're kidding me !

Then he runs in charge either. That's our real Daniel. (^_^)

Aya and Maeda is planning their next mission.

Maeda : What will we do ?

Aya : Let us know if anything comes up !

Maeda : Uh, yes ; Okay, I got it...